Kodiak Smokehouse Closed Every Winter!

The Smokehouse is a seasonal business and every winter we close after December 24th and reopen April 1st!

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The smokehouse supplies the finest restaurants in Kodiak with smoked salmon for their appetizer and salad entrees.

Henry’s Great Alaskan Restaurant and Sports Bar – located downtown serves Kodiak Island Smokehouse smoked salmon on their appetizer menu, a smoked salmon Caesar Salad, and have added smoke salmon fettuccine to their menu.

Approximately 8 miles out the road toward the best fishing rivers on the island, the Rendezvous serves a wonderful smoked salmon pasta salad to complement their lunch and dinner entrees utilizing Kodiak Island Smokehouse’s Red Salmon Fillets.

For two years the Kodiak Island Smokehouse has supplied smoked salmon for the Alaska Federation of Natives Convention in Anchorage and Fairbanks!